Hi Everyone.

So I used the Clay brush when sculpting before and it worked fine but after the new editions it seems to work almost more like the smooth brush to the point where I dont feel I can use it all.

Is something wrong with my setup ?

*Update* Managed to figure out it was the autosmooth setting was turned on rather high for the brush causing the problems :Dย 
Hi Everyone

So I had just actually finished watching Laputa the flying fortress last night when I saw the new challenge this morning :Dย 

I have always loved Ghibli and their themes.

I would like to know if its okay to go with some of Hayao Miyazakiยดs themes of anti war and create the wreck of an old Nazi or some other evil empire death mobile fortress? With life growing around it and over it?ย 

Is this theme okay? I know some people dont like to have such themes :Dย 
The only thing directing creation is your imagination and the CGBoost Guidelines... Outside of that it's up to you and what you wish to make :)
Hi everyone.

So I am looking for a drawing tablet and would love to hear if you good people have any good suggestion for which one I should buy?ย 

I am very interesting in character sculpting so I am looking for a tablet that can help in that regard.ย 
Hi Mads, if money is not the issue for you, then I would probably go with a Wacom Intous Pro S or M. If you want to look for cheaper but still good quality tablets, I would go with XP-Pen or Huion. In my opinion a small or medium sized tablet is more than enough. You don't need a screen tablet. The size of the tablet you should choose, depends on your desk size.

Here are some good tablets listed: https://www.brad.site/reviews/pen-tablets.html
Thank you so much for the suggestions Zach :D The Wacom ones look really nice :D and they are wireless so that helps alot I think :Dย 
Hi everyone

So I have been having a little trouble and just want to figure out how to do this best and right :D

The two large spars on the gate has this nice curvature to them, how can I best manage that? I think everytime I try they get so terrible jaggged :/ย 

Hi there. I'm a big fan of non destructive workflow with modifiers, so that's one way of doing it; in blender.

There is a modifier for an mesh called SimpleDeform. Create cube, give it a rectangular form and then loop cut it along the axis that you want to bend (I did it 12 times, the more you do the smother the bend is). The modifier moves the vertices of the mesh, so it needs to have a lot of them for you to see the effect.

Then to control the effect I added an empty; and on my beam modifier I put the origin as the empty. Last thing, I choose the z axis for the deform and it didn't work until I rotated de empty 90deg on the x axis.

Now you just have to move the empty to get the bend to be more severe or less severe, and you can also affect it by selecting the real world bending angle in the modifier. I would advise to get the image as a reference and get it on the background to serve as a guideline.

Note: about the 90deg on the empty. I don't know why. I've done a lot of test on the deform modifier to try to figure out when and why each parameter affects the deform but it's still a guess game. A lot less than before, but still a bit.

I'm new to do. Maybe try a latticeย 
I think a lattice is a nice way you can add details,ย  It lets you deform the mesh and still have it editable, meaning you can make changes easily to the curvature, great if you decide later to add more. Conveniently it leaves your original object untouched.

58:57 you can see the idea of using a lattice to deform the mesh,
while modelling the underlying structure as usual.
Simple simple lemon squeezy.

I am from Denmark and have long been wanting to get into 3D modelling. Got so many ideas in my head that I want to create. Trying to take things slow and careful.ย