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Videographer and sound designer
Originally from Switzerland, I now live in Australia and love creating things, especially digital media.
I went with a CitroΓ«n DS, my favourite car!

Would love to hear thoughts on what works and what could be improved :)
Hey all! I'm currently trying to create a phloem, the part of plants that transports sugar and water. Here's what I have so far:

My reference video is here (though it depicts a blood vessel that's been turned green I think!) Here's a diagram of a phloem:

And here are a few electron microscope shots of the sieves:

I added these sieves, as well as sugar (white) and water particles and I'm pretty happy with the result, but it's still not as cool-looking as the reference. Any tips?

One thing I'm thinking of is to create more texturing in the material with masking out parts to create more contrast. Currently, the material is quite uniform, whereas the reference is more green on the outside and darker on the inside.

Edit: Here's how I've currently set things up:

There are 8 area lights parented to the camera, 4 close by that are about 1200w each, and the second set of four further back at 3000w. At the end, there's a glowing 'cap' (which doesn't really work...).

The material is a blend between emission, translucent and principled shaders:

Rendered in Eevee.

PS: I enrolled in the Substance Painter course yesterday as well :)

Hi, I find it hard to help because I don't get what you would like to have as a feedback.

If the problem is a too uniform material, using noise in the subsurface material and also in the roughness parameter will bring variety. On n macro level, as well as a micro level, nature materials are really never smooth. However to much noise will get the animation to be less readable. So do you wish for a realistic animation, as to show skill and wow, or a more educational one to allow easy understanding of the flora biology ?
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Hey all πŸ–πŸ˜€

Guido (pronounced 'ghee-dough') here. I grew up near Lucerne, Switzerland, but have been living in Melbourne for almost 13 years. After teaching English (as an additional language) for 10 years, I made the move to edtech six years ago, and this year transitioned into videography. As part of that, I've been developing my motion graphics skills, initially in After Effects and more recently Blender (though I did also just pick up a C4D licence).

I also started a little online game school seven years ago, where we teach rapid game prototyping without coding, using Unity and the awesome Playmaker plugin, giving people the opportunity to test out their game ideas quickly and develop a playable prototype 😊

I'm here to improve my mograph and game asset development skills. I've 50% through Blender launchpad and just picked up the Substance course today as well.

Always happy to connect with people - you can find me on Twitter here.