At around 7:35 the droplets are being moved along the axis to make them sit correctly on the apple's surface.  If you go to far they hover over the apple etc.  For me following these directions does not make the droplets move on the apple at all, is this a difference in 2.91?  Thank you!
HI Jason. You need to be in the edit mode and move the mesh there. Then it works fine.
Jason replied
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When I enable the alpha clip in both spots as shown at 6:50 I see no changes as shown in the video.  What is wrong?  Playing with the color ramp also shows no differences as in the video...

However, I had no issues when going through the same process with the apple leaf, any idea what's wrong with the fabric? I even went back to that part to make sure I had the right box connected to the color ramp, so not sure whats wrong.

Thank you!
Hi Jason, I expexc that you are in viewport shading mode. It should work fine as described in the video. I would expect that your material nodes are probably not set up correctly. Please check those first. If you would experience the same problem afterward, you can post the file and I will help you with that.
Jason replied
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Another question, hope you don't mind!  So I am going through the beginner course still and made it some way through lesson 8 on materials where you put the materials on the apple and knife when to me the MMB started acting differently than I had ever experienced before.  Basically if I selected a different object it stayed static, it seemed to me in the past that whatever object I had selected if I clicked MMB and moved it would rotate around that object, but now if I select a different object, the camera still rotates around whatever the rotation point seems to have been before, this gets fixed if I click on the numpad "." button as was mentioned in the earlier lessons if something gets out of focus, but I never had this issue before, and now every time I am having to click on the "." in order to get it to look at the item right.... is this the normal behavior and I just didn't notice it, or did I mess things up?  I reloaded factory defaults and the behavior was the same... then I think the only change from the lessons was to increase the number of "Undo's" available so I did that, but still the MMB is acting this way that seems to not be how it was before, and even in the past when I would dabble with blender I don't recall having to hit "." every single time I selected a new object in order to get the view and MMB to work around it correctly it seems? 

Thank you!!!
I guess you have turned off option Orbit around selection in preferences, is that the case? 

Jason replied
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When working on the blade around 11:22, when I have face select turned on and alt click on the top faces of the blade it only selects one at a time so i had to select each individually which would be the same as only holding shift to add them all together, holding alt down as well didn't grab more than one of the top segments like in the video, any ideas why?

Thank you!
Hi Jason are you clicking on an edge? You need to to click on or very near a vertical edge to loop select horizontally and horizontal edge to loop select vertically. Perhaps this is it? 
Jason replied
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Also for some reason when I go back to texture paint it doesnt show the highlighted selected part, but will only paint on that part so functionally its fine, just cant tell that anything is selected

Re your second query, you need to be in face mode (button top left) for the selection to show up. This could be one reason of it is not showing...
Jason replied
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I'm going like super slow, its like my brain hurts watching it and following along, its weird, not literally hurts but it feels weird.  I've done a couple intros before in the past, nothing in the last couple years, like I did the donut tutorial once, that was the most advanced thing, but then years go by and I forget it all, and now its like my brain hurts following along, I am assuming its just not used to learning much these days and such a new thing with so much to take in, but I'm excited about it.  Came up with some ideas for community project/s in the future but thats hush hush for now and see if I do anything about it.... then I saw all thte affiliate courses and I want to do like everything lol, but don't have enough money for all of that so we'll see.   

No real point to this message, just feeling chatty I guess and stalling while paused while my brain feels full or whatever 🙂
Don't give up! I study in my free time (not so much time as I would like), and sometimes I feel like you. I think is not wrong: respect your time, your situation at the moment: sometimes, we "must" go slow to understand what you're watching or practicing. But, for me, 3D is a passion, so every time that I spent with this, I try to enjoy, slow or fast, everyday or not! Apreciate your time with 3D, just it! =)
I was the same as you and started with the free course with the apple and knife. Blender is very overwhelming in the beginning, and sometimes I made mistakes that made it difficult to continue the course, and had to google until I found the answer, and that frustrated me as a beginner.

What kinda helped me to keep going in the course was to follow along, and then after the video, scrap what I did and then try to do what I just learned without watching the video.

Then when I got stuck, I'd watch the video again, and i felt like this way helped me learn, but you might need to try something different to find your motivation to not give up too.

Your right I mean I have never done the Donut tutorial, when i started with blender this is the very first project that I started, following the videos of Darrin Lile and his little Casper looking taxi driver character and then there was Andrew price the blender guru which now still never did his donut tut, and now i find it very difficult to find a good tutorial to follow as it the voice is not right not trying to be rude or insensitive to anyone and the tempo or pace is not right it is hard for me to follow and yes i am a practicator of the pause button and rewind.

Sorry all for so many topics I hope its ok.  I am just starting the free beginner course here, and hope to be able to spend most of the day on it.  Anyways when it comes to the paid course this looks good, but then also just saw
which seems decent too.

Still make sense to do the paid launch pad here, any reason to do cg cookie stuff too etc.  Sorry I know this kind of relates to my other post, but hoping its ok as I have new info and thought it would get skipped over if just replied to there.

I'm like currently thinking to do the launchpad course here, those courses there, cg cookie courses, and is that just silly?  I get too wrapped up in my mind maybe and need to just "do".

Thanks a lot!
I haven't done the LaunchPad course but I did take Zach's sculpting course and I have to say that there's nothing free available that matches his course.
In my experience, free training is great for specific parts but when it comes to a more guided learning it falls short. Zach's sculpting course allow me to properly learn and frame the sculpting workflow. I do use a lot of freely available material as well but his course (and most paid ones I've done) have a cohesion that's hardly found in free series.
A paid course is in most cases a better version of what you can learn because it's more in-depth and goal-oriented.
Nonetheless, you can definitely find enough free stuff and get a pretty good artist without paying but it will perhaps cost you more time. So I'd think about the following:

Is it really something you'd like to push forward and do you know that you want to stay with CGI?
Do you have the time and are not sure if you will continue this journey?

I can tell you from my experience that I was doing a lot of free tutorials because I wanted to start somewhere and see where the journey goes. Even though I was sure that I will stay with CGI forever 🙂

At some point, I wanted to speed up the process and find what exactly I want to go with (e.g. organic modeling vs. hard surface, architecture vs cars vs characters, etc.)

What helped me is picking a starting point you resonate with - doesn't matter if it's the launchpad course or CG Cookie or anything else - and then go from there with what you like 🙂
I am not a professional.  I started just like you looking all over the place.  I found that CGCookie gave me direction and helped me focus.  I still utilize youtube videos to get different views on how to do things that I learn on CGCookie.  

I may have gotten the names wrong.  However, I was also hoping to get advice on one of these, not sure what they are called actually?

My wife has been getting into art, watercolors, acrylics, etc. and I think she might like doing digital art, I was thinking of Krita based on google search (any other recommendations or thoughts?)  I might like doing some of that myself also.

I saw in the free promo for the sculpting class Zach also uses one for sculpting.  I don't intend to buy one until I at least get to that point, but get hung up on research and figuring things out, and end up delaying actually doing lol.

Anyways, I was wondering what you all recommend.  I am thinking that my wife and I will both find it easier to use a screened one and I see that YanSculpts uses one like this as well.  Any comments on that, pros of not using a screened one?

We don't have unlimited funds and want to make wise decisions, not sure how much we will get into this but hoping we will, that said its hard to know if I get a cheap version that will break soon and waste the money, or buy the top of the line and possibly never use it lol.

So whats good, I heard YanSculpts talkinga bout laminate screens and what not and don't know all the details, do you guys use one, what do you use, what do you recommend, what kind of makes sense to get a quality one, I am willing to spend the money for one.... and the less expensive the better for us, but I don't want to cheap out, that said I don't see getting one that costs over $3,000 which I think I saw somewhere.

My wife wants to do her own baking and art business making cards and various paintings and what not, while I want to get into CG and web design.

Thanks so much!
Hi, I got the pen display tablet Huion 16 pro version in AliExpress for around $300-400 and it's working so far so good. I also use it as a second screen by attaching some dual robotic arms (around $30) in order to hold my laptop and this tablet.
So depending on the project I'm working for, I just move the robotic arms and adapt my workspace, bringing the tablet in front of me, on my side or standing up. 
I bought a Huion Inspiroy Q11K for about €80 and it's awesome but it's not screened. I had the same decisions in the beginning and picked one without a screen so I thought I'd maybe give my perspective on it.

It works pretty fine when drawing in Krita and sculpting in Blender, and I'd buy Huion again and again.

When choosing my tablet, I thought that I wanted to draw AND to do CGI, that is why I actually preferred a screened one but it was too expensive. I picked one without a screen because I knew that I will be doing more CGI and was focused on sculpting so it wasn't too necessary to have a screened one. The thing is also, you actually get used to having a tablet without a screen pretty fast. 

Also, if you want to do sculpting, I'd recommend buying a tablet from the beginning. I used a mouse for a long time and it's doable but you enjoy sculpting SO MUCH MORE with a tablet.

And you should buy a small or medium-sized tablet if you want to use it with an external screen. I bought a big one because I thought in "screened tablet mode", where I thought about enough place but it's disturbing to move your hand all the time. It feels like you're moving from right corner to left upper corner all the time 😂

Short answer, I know, but I’m in love with my xp-pen innovator display 15.6”. I work faster and with a big fat smile all over my face with it. Works great with sculpting and sketching. 

I am interested in the courses here wondering what people think of a good progression plan for learning blender is.  My goal is to be able to make neat stuff ha, right, but on the personal side I want to write a story and make images and possibly episodes that go along with it.  However I also would like to be able to do some free lance and maybe start and add it to a web design business.  I'm in my later 30's, just enrolled to finish my last 2 years of getting a bachelors degree.  I currently work as a retail manager, but don't get paid that much, and would like to increase income and just personal interest in 3d so was thinking of in the future trying to do websites and 3d.  My wife is from the Philippines and we want to end up there where her family is, but that may be quite a ways out as we need to basically have retirement savings first, but would like a business I can do from Stateside as we are in the US now or anywhere.

Anyways  first started to play with blender back in the gingerbread tutorial days, but never progressed, hoping I am in a good place now to stay motivated and finish my goals.  Not sure if the degree is worth it as I find them overrated, however, doing it at the least expensive school I could find, and doing computer science, so its mostly web and normal programming classes which is stuff I'd like to learn anyways, though would have gone about it different, but this way I get a degree which could help in teh future who knows.

Anyways, I like the look of the courses here, though I don't think I am currently interested in the one on textures that uses a third party monthly subscription plan software as I don't like subscription plan softwares and such, plus my personal projects are hopefully do able with just in blender stuff as I'm not looking for super realistic, but might need that for free lance commercial stuff so may need to look into that, but there arent a lot of courses here, so do I just do these then practice or do I then go over to cg cookie or tutorials on youtube, what do you all plan to do or have done or think is best, i also dont want to just get stuck continually doing one course or tutorial without ever branching out to my own things, but want to get a firm grasp of the basics hopefully in a fun way heh thanks!
Hello, Im not a pro or anything I study Blender on my own and I can tell you Blender is capable of doing everything you need with the exception of texture painting. Its possible but I just think the tools are way too basic. Its just a brush basically. So I would reccomend at leastearning Substance Painter if you want to make highly detailed proffesional stuff that uses all kinds of texture maps like Normal, Ambient Occlusion etc.

You could get a permanent license of Substance on Steam and its not that expensive. 

As for tutorials just do the Blender and painter launch pads right here and youll be on your way.

Just remember that learning to be a 3D artist is like learning how to draw or learning a new language. You have to work every day and improve over the years. Dont expect to be a pro in just 2 months, but you should be able to model and texture anything but humans in no time.

Good luck. 
Hey Jason,

I’ve been using very expensive and “high-end” Software for TOO MANY years.  Blender continues to blow my mind what it can do. Furthermore, the community is wonderful!  People are genuine and willing to help. 

Because of this, success with blender and the ability to be successful in this field, in my opinion, is greater. 

These courses are top shelf!  As far as substance, I agree, I don’t like subscriptions because I think they are manipulative and  divisive market that don’t promote growth in a program because companies get paid whether program works or not.  Substance is an amazing product, works and is moderately priced and is a standard that I believe a producer needs in their toolbox.  I’m sure Adobe will screw that program up as time passes, but I digress. 

So, dive in with CGboost and all the best on your endeavors 👍🏼

If subscription is the issue, I saw you can buy a perpetual license on steam for a hundred bucks.

Been interested in learning blender for a long time started and stopped multiple times, hopefully I can do something with it this time and learn how to use it.  Would love to write a story and make images to go along with it or even episodes and so on, also possibly use it for business freelance or aid in webdesign and such to add income somehow.
Hi Jason, welcome to CG Boost. Hope you find your interest in Blender and in 3D graphics generally.