Hi all,

As a newbie in this Forum I would like to share my first and only Renders.
As I mentioned earlier my big passion is sailing. So it’s no wonder that my first Piece is the Boat on which I lived for 10 years.

The Blenderfiles are quite large because I did a lot of detail work and I’m sure that for many things there would have been better and simpler solutions.

I learned a lot underway also with CG Boost courses and i just enrolled the new 3D Environment course and maybe my Boat will sail in Blender waters one Day!

I know a Boat in a Bottle is not very Unique, but the temptation was too big πŸ˜€
And making it I learned a lot about Water in Blender.

My "real" Name is Wolfgang. I 'm a retired Photographer/Graphic Designer.
My Interests besides Sailing which is my big Passion, are Computer Based Music Creation, Videomaking/Cutting and of course Photography.
After selling my Boat on which I used to live together with my wife for 10 Years, I wanted to create a 3D Model of my last Boat. Thats when Blender came in very handy!
Finally I made it and I think it looks OK. While I was mostly learning by doing I alsoΒ  watched countless YouTube Videos before I discovered the CG Boost Academy.
I learned a lot here, thank you


Welcome :)Β  Im curious about your Computer Based Music Creation, I was wanting to get into LMMS and make some music there as well.... but think I have to learn some music theory first to figure out how to make music :DΒ  I had an app years ago that just used loops that you could throw together to make songs, but those seem less common and more expensive now

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Hi Wolfgang. Welcome to the community. I am myself sail person. Used to sail in the United States on lake Michigan. Missing those days as there is no real usable body of water around me. Can you share the render of your boat? I am kind of curious.
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