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Software Engineer for a job, climber for a passion.
Looking really nice! Is the area around the mouth a shaved beard? If it should be a grown beard, you might work on that area a bit more. Otherwise, excellent!
Maybe the folds in the cloth could do with more work, they should follow the form, and have as much detail and control as the main part of the sculpture - or it will look tacked on rather than part of the whole piece.

Otherwise looking nice.
Sharing the final version of Hannibal's portrait.
It's just after crossing the Alps and before the battle of Cannae.

Another WiP: the cowboy

Blocked out the pose, hat, clay color and lights. Now time to refine!

I switch between a longer project (like Hannibal) and sculpting practice. I found it helps to avoid getting bored and frustrated. It also helps to take a break from each and look at it with fresh eyes.

Advanced a bit more with my portrait of the Carthaginian general Hannibal.
Next steps:
- Add a cape
- Fix that beard
- Add the eye patch

Added the cape and fixed his beard to look better.
No specific shader or texture maps, all details are sculpted.

Kicking off my posts here with my latest sculpting studies.
I'm practicing a traditional sculpting approach.
I hope you like them.

Hello all!

I'm Sebastian and I'm from Argentina. I've been working in the software development industry for 22 years under different roles (programmer, architect, manager).

By June last year, I started to dig into the 3D world for the first time and got hooked into it, it's become an exciting hobby for me. It was uncharted terrain for me, having no arts nor CG background and a real adventure.

My goal is to use 3D art as a form of expression, something akin to painting and sculpting, not so much about characters, games, VFX and the usual targets. Because of that, I've set myself to focus on sculpting for the remaining of the year, with the odd project in between to keep practicing modeling, texturing, composition, and to break the monotony of a single subject :)

I regularly upload my work here:

Outside of CG, I enjoy the great outdoors, trekking and climbing both in summer and winter. I should get more project ideas from the things I get to see while doing that! I'm also a keen PS4 gamer.

Thanks for reading!

Hi, Sebastian! I see you post a lot on CG Boost's Facebook page :D
You're really, really talented, and your ArtStation proves it. Looking forward to more sculpts :)
Now comes the REAL question... what games? lmao

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