13 Year Old 3D Artist | Xtrm_Proxar
A 13 year old child that's interested in Art, Digital Art, VFX, 3D Art, 3D Modelling, 3D Sculpting, etc.

Cool Funky Low Poly Animation by Zacharias Reinhardt

Zach makes a funky low poly animation and it looks good, I just wanted to know how he made it, and comments on about how he made would be appreciated. My guess is he used the animation nodes add-one. If not, and he used another add-on, or without add-ons please tell how, Thank You!
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CG Boost Community Discord Server

Hey, I used to be in the CG Boost Community discord server, but my account got disabled, then deleted for being underage. So, I made a new account and now I am trying to join the CG Boost Community discord server, but I can't find any link or invite to it. Can someone help me?

Is there a way to earn money from free models and rigs?

Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to earn legit money from selling FREE models/rigs without selling it for paid? And earn legit real money? Answering to my question is appreciated :)

Edit: What I am asking is that, I want to give my models for free download in a website and I get paid from the website for the amount of downloads or something my models get.

A CG Boost App!!!!

Hey, I just found out that CG Boost academy was made from teachable. Then my brother said that his music course website was made from teachable too and they used an app called Slack (Link: slack.com) to easily and smoothly communicate with others, share files, etc. It is like Discord and CG Boost Community website. It is faster and smooth, so I prefer there is a "CG Boost Community" team in Slack. There are pricing, there is a free pricing.
I think this will be better for everyone. So, is there gonna be a "CG Boost Community" team in Slack? And if any help needed, I would love to help :)
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Is the "Mastering Sculpting in Blender" by Zacharias Reindhart a good course?

Hello! I am about to buy the Mastering Sculpting in Blender by Zacharias Reindhart, so I am asking you all, is it a good course? There are a lot of people who enrolled in this course, so I wanna get some info. Is it a good course? Will I be able to sculpt good after learning it? Is it worth buying? Etc...

Among Us 3D Rig Version 2.0 (Cartoon Version)

I used my first 3D model/rig I made (with basic modelling and rigging knowledge) and added cartoon shaders.

Check out my video to download my 3D Among Us Rig Version 2.0, its free!

Among Us 3D Rig Version 1.0 (3D Version)

This my first 3D model/rig I made with basic modelling and rigging knowledge.

Its a ready made model/rig, you can easily change its colours, the colours that are in the game.

Check out my video to download my 3D Among Us Rig, its free!
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Scaled objects can't be used as a flow object for fluid simulations (FIXED)

Hey, I tried making a fluid simulation, I did some tests, it all worked well, but when I scale an object on its sides like, z, y and x axes, the fluid animation isn't working. Any reasons or help would be appreciated.

CG Boost App

Is there an cg boost app? I never found it, so I think its not there, but in a thread in a website there was a message from admin saying this is the link to download the cg boost app, you just need to add your credit card information. That sounds like a total scam, so is there an app for CG Boost