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A 12 year old child that's interested in Art, Digital Art, VFX, 3D Art, 3D Modelling, 3D Sculpting, etc.
Hey, I used to be in the CG Boost Community discord server, but my account got disabled, then deleted for being underage. So, I made a new account and now I am trying to join the CG Boost Community discord server, but I can't find any link or invite to it. Can someone help me?
Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to earn legit money from selling FREE models/rigs without selling it for paid? And earn legit real money? Answering to my question is appreciated :)

Edit: What I am asking is that, I want to give my models for free download in a website and I get paid from the website for the amount of downloads or something my models get.
Personally.... TBH giving stuff for free is something you do if you have no choice, and is that a work dynamic you want or to encourage industry wide? Remembering one-day if not already you'll have a house/car mortgage and living costs while trying to find work, in an industry where others will do it for free in the false belief of future work / gain...

If you want to be taken seriously personally I think it's better to charge for work of a professional quality. That way you get serious clients that respect you, it weeds out the moochers, clients will be better organised because they understand your time is money, and they get serious work of a professional quality as your promise to them on payment. And it's all legal, cover with contracts - to protect you.

I think the gum road / sketchfab idea is a good middle ground while your learning. Make stuff and people can decide. But make the usage rights non commercial - Studios earn big money! They do have budgets, so don't let them to be predators!Β 

Ubisoft made $2.2 billion in sales - but was still asking for spec work in Beyond Good and Evil 2! Is the kind of pattern that repeats again and again...

There is no other industry outside of creative that gets treated in a way that paying is optional - The expectation from all artists should also be "I do work that I have invested years of my life into perfecting and learning, I need to maintain my equipment, So I need to get paid so I can continue to do what I love to do...
Don't undercut yourself.

Why no free stuff? Am I a grump? :P

Tools to protect you and your valuable ideas plus this as an industry!

Another bit sweary rant on the same theme... But he is so so right! and it sucks massively that it happens to seasoned professionals and newbies alike!

The wall of shame

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This topic has two sides. At one side everybody likes to get free model and use it and at the other side as Natalie mentioned if you as an artist don't sell your work, or in other words you don't get paid, you can't fulfill your basic needs and cover living costs.

If I understood correctly from the discussion you would like to offer your models for free to someone who will sell it and pay you afterwards. Right?
One can afford this usually at the beginning of career when it is more about make "some money" than to make a money regularly.Β 

So if this is the case you canΒ put your models to places like Natalie mentioned. Or if your models are more polished you can also try sites like BlenderKit https://www.blenderkit.com/become-creator/ Β as they have some validation of quality there.Β You are paid some share when models are downloaded. At the same time Blenderkit contributes to Blender foundation so you are helping to the community. Of course you need to send more models or hit the spot of models which are on demand to get some revenue.

Knowing the price of your work/time is whole another chapter to discuss.
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There probably are websites, where you can to pay a sub fee to download any model.
Otherwise it would be a website that runs with ads, which wouldn't be very economical I believe.
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Hey, I just found out that CG Boost academy was made from teachable. Then my brother said that his music course website was made from teachable too and they used an app called Slack (Link: slack.com) to easily and smoothly communicate with others, share files, etc. It is like Discord and CG Boost Community website. It is faster and smooth, so I prefer there is a "CG Boost Community" team in Slack. There are pricing, there is a free pricing.
I think this will be better for everyone. So, is there gonna be a "CG Boost Community" team in Slack? And if any help needed, I would love to help :)
Hey, thanks for your suggestion (and sorry for the late reply). We are using Slack for our team communication here at CG Boost, and I do love this tool. However, I would not use it for a community with many members. All in all, it is pretty similar to Discord, which we are also using for our community as an alternative to chat. I also saw some other people creating a slack community and then moved over to Discord.

The general problem I see with Slack and also Discord is, that you need to be on the chat all the time to be able to follow it, since it is one long chat where multiple people might interact. This is something for some people but others do prefer the "post" style, like in this community. So they can quickly check what is new, without scrolling through a long chat.

So we will stick with this community for now. It is a very young platform and the developers are aware of the slow feel of it. So that is why they have it on top of their prio list, to make it faster and more alive, as you can read here: https://www.notion.so/Circle-s-Public-Roadmap-05fe60f33c584d03aab886d4116db998

I think in the long run, this can become a very nice community app to use. So let's give them some time.

And btw. no other app integrates nicely with the course platform. When you click the chat icon in the course, the community opens. So you don't even need to leave the course in order to enter the community.

Anyway, thanks again for your suggestion. :)
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Hello! I am about to buy the Mastering Sculpting in Blender by Zacharias Reindhart, so I am asking you all, is it a good course? There are a lot of people who enrolled in this course, so I wanna get some info. Is it a good course? Will I be able to sculpt good after learning it? Is it worth buying? Etc...
The short answer is: "yes", it's a great course.
There are several courses and tutorials out there but they cover separate aspects whereas Zach's course has the complete workflow: from concept to render with all that's needed in between to get from one to the other while sculpting.
This is the first sculpt I've done after taking the course:
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Its awesome :) and gives you a wide overview of many tools and techniques - so saves you hrs of youtube.
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It's agood course. He explains every brush in detail, so you really know what you are doing. And the best, it will be updated to 2.9.
If you will be good at sculpting is another question, it depends on yourself. Are you good in anatomy for organic sculpting? Questions like these couldn't be answered by us :)
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I used my first 3D model/rig I made (with basic modelling and rigging knowledge) and added cartoon shaders.

Check out my video to download my 3D Among Us Rig Version 2.0, its free!
This my first 3D model/rig I made with basic modelling and rigging knowledge.

Its a ready made model/rig, you can easily change its colours, the colours that are in the game.

Check out my video to download my 3D Among Us Rig, its free!
I will be uploading a post for my Among Us 3D Rig Version 2.0 (Cartoon Version). So stay tuned!
Hey, I tried making a fluid simulation, I did some tests, it all worked well, but when I scale an object on its sides like, z, y and x axes, the fluid animation isn't working. Any reasons or help would be appreciated.
Yup, didn't work. But someone in a discord server helped me and I got a solution so I guess now its fine.
I just tried it again, without scaling it differently on the z, y and x axes and it worked, but i wanna know why scaling it differently on the z, y and x axes stops the fluid simulation from working. Also is there a way to do the fluid simulation with scaling an object differently on the z, y and x axes.
In this vid:

He scaled the cube that generates the water then bakes it and the fluid simulation works but not for me.
Is there an cg boost app? I never found it, so I think its not there, but in a thread in a website there was a message from admin saying this is the link to download the cg boost app, you just need to add your credit card information. That sounds like a total scam, so is there an app for CG Boost
Hi, we don't have an app. Where did you have this info from? What exactly would you expect from this app? An app to watch the courses? (Sorry for so many questions :D )
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Hello Xtrm_Proxar , Zacharias Reinhardt
Although there is no App at the moment I did a little interesting trick in my iPhone that could work for the same purpose.Β  (I don't know if there is a similar way to do it in Android but probably there is)Β 

step 1: Open CGBoost website in Safari (important), log in in your account.

step 2: Add the web to your phone's home screen. (an icon should appear in your phone's main screen).

step 3: Done! now you can access easily to your dashboard, courses, everything, since the site it's WebApp based, it works natively.

Please let me know if it worked for you!


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