Victor Labarthe d'Arnoux

Stage designer
Hi everyone,

I am doing the sci fi car scene exercise from the blender launch pad course.
I have already put three particle system to populate the scene's landscape and want to add two (for those who knows the course, I want to add the trees and grass).

But as soon as I make the new collection (vegetation) visible and do anything with it, blender crashes systematically when I try saving. I would be very happy to have input on what could be the reason for this. Could it be a hardware limitation? My computer is not the sharpest tool in the box anymore. Or a flaw in my blend file? I am using Blender 2.91.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Hi all,
Computer specs are in attached screenshot.
little update, I have erased the objects (trees and grass) which were causing the crash and then re-appended them from another file and blender stopped crashing.
I am still wondering why blender crashed though. Is it possible for objects to get corrupted? I didn't really do anything with them before the crash problem started happening...

wolfgraphicsLLC replied
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I would expect that your file got corrupted somehow. This scene should not crash your computer. I am testing it on MacBook Pro 13 2015 with i5 and 8GB RAM.
Ben replied
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I have re-appended the objects and everything is working fine again. I will just treat it as freak accident for now.
Thanks for your help!
I am Victor, sharing my time between Paris and Berlin.
I am a stage designer with practice in NURBS modelling with Rhino. My goal is to learn how to model and program Virtual & Augmented Reality experiences.
I am happy to chat on the topic if there are other enthusiasts around here.
Happy New Year to you all!
Hi Victor, welcome. As I have mentioned other day, many years ago I have started with Rhino as well. Later switched to Blender. Will look forward to hear your experience with it. Enjoy.