Mike Dodds

3D Environment Artist

I'm enrolled on the CG Career Booster (and the Substance Painter Launchpad). 

I'm a technical communicator with 40 years experience writing manuals and developing course materials for companies like IBM, Oracle, OpenText and numerous smaller companies. I'm about to be laid off ( Covid strikes) just a couple of years from retirement. 

I'm researching ways to create a passive income and considering creating a YouTube channel or creating courses for Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn and probably other places. I've reached out to a number of YouTube and Udemy creators and the reponses have been mixed.

Do you have a YouTube channel, or have you created courses for platforms like Udemy?  If so I'd be very grateful if you could spare a little time to tell me about your experiences.

If you'd prefer not to see your responses in the forum, please send an email to mike@illuminat3d.graphics

Many thanks


I'm from Scotland and specialise in creating realistic environments in Unreal Engine. I model assets with Blender, SpeedTree and maybe a little Character Creator 3 and iClone7.

I'm about to launch a YouTube channel where I'll create iconic scenes from Scotland as virtual environments in Unreal Engine and maybe also in Blender. First episode will be about creating a landscape in Unreal Engine from a heightmap.