Annabella Lefort


Addon Bool Tool

Hello ! I've a little problem, when I use bool tool addon to make a "difference" I have my entire mesh disappearing, does anyone know why ?
Thank you !

Hello CG Booster

There's my first work that I finished, I tried to do something futuristic, I know that's very basic but that's all for moment 😃
I'm new here ✌️
It's been about 1 year since I started to 3D with Blender, what I like is to be able to create a universe simply thanks to a knowledge, it's crazy!
I really like video games especially "scripted games" but also some open world like Skyrim.
I sometimes lack motivation because I tell me that it's too difficult to make a career of it, and there are people who are better than me but I always find hope because I really want to succeed in the world of 3D and I think it's a great job 😉
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