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So, per the Blender LaunchPad course, I am Rendering Animations as individual frame/images and then opening the Image Sequence in Video Editing to render out as .MKV.Β 

Rendering my current model out, it takes ~35 seconds per frame to create each frame, so almost 4 hours to kick out 360 frames.

But I then load the sequence back in to the Video Editing Tab - its all good to go. I switch the Output from PNG to FFMPEG and select "Render Animation"Β 

It all works fine, but it it literally takes 35 seconds per frame again to do this- like it is completely re-rendering each frame all over again. It works fine and completes a normal .MKV file - but why re-render everything all over?

It should just be stitching the .PNG files together right? I tested this by taking the 360 .PNGs and using Avidemux. Avidemux did this in literally 6 seconds flat.

So I gotta be missing something here. I went back through the Blender LaunchPad Course and I follow Zach's moves exactly. I don't recall it being that way when I took the course using 2.8, but now this is a different project of my own using 2.9

Anyone have ideas why I am running into this experience? I gotta just be missing an option in the rendering process but I can't seem to identify what.

Hi Mark, when converting the image sequence, did you started a fresh blend file or is your original 3d animation still in the same blend file?
Mark Toboll replied
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I had the same experience too. I was using Blender 2.9 for my 49 seconds animation and it took overnight just to finish rendering it..andΒ its just a 49 seconds video.Β