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Zach, I just wanted to send you a thank-you for the 100+ Tips video you posted awhile ago on the CGBoost youtube channel.  I finally had some time to start going through it and it's very useful.  Just the navigation tips to turn on Auto Depth and Zoom to Mouse Position have made a huge difference when I'm modeling.

This type of helpful content makes a big difference for those of us learning to use Blender.  The work you put into these videos is greatly appreciated!

You're welcome, Tom, thanks a lot for your feedback.
Hello Everyone,
I started dabbling with 3D graphics back in the late 80s with my Amiga computer.  Back then it took at least 8 hours to render a single frame for ray tracing, but we were amazed by it all the same.  I hadn't touched 3D graphics in a long time and had struggled with learning Blender until I came across Zach's Blender Launch Pad course earlier this year.  I recently finished the course, enjoyed it a lot and am working on getting better at Blender, one step at a time.

I have no specific goals for what I'm learning in Blender, currently, I've always been fascinated with 3D graphics and am just learning and exploring right now.  We'll see where this journey takes me...

Wow! Another fellow Amigan here! That makes the two of us so far. :-)
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