Writer, Producer and 3D Hobbyist
Hello there! I am currently working as a writer and producer in Germany (mainly on explanatory and corporate films). My dream and goal for the future is to acquire 3D Skills to be able to create short (and maybe even feature) films on my own.
Hey Guys,
You can call me Dryden and I am currently working as a writer and producer in Germany (mainly on explanatory and corporate films). Although this is my main income it is still not enough to completely sustain myself, which is why I am also studying Business Information Systems besides that. I know this does not have to do much with film, but the truth is that I started studying first (I study for about 3 years now and started working as a producer/writer about 2 years ago). 
The thing is that my passion for writing (and filmmaking for that matter) was always existent in my life from my crappy lego stop motion films as a kid to poems and screenplays from today. I always loved playing with words and telling stories. But I always saw this just as a hobby, because I thought outside the USA you had to be talented like a god to make a living of it. This is why I ended up pursuing the second thing I was good at: math (and economy to an extend). 
After one year into my study I encountered a typical student problem: I needed money. Luckily for me a small film production company was looking for a part-time producer helping them with scheduling and budgeting their projects. Of course I applied immediately for it and got the job. Thanks to my creative input during my first few projects, I was also granted the position of a writer half a year later.
Since my goal was always to be self-employed I assembled a small team to work with me on an animated short film. We started small but the team expanded rapidly and soon we corporate with multiple international film-related companies (even some big names). The entire pre-production was wrapped up early this year and we were about to go into the actual production, when the current global crises started. Unfortunately, our biggest investor came into severe financial problems through that and had to withdraw from this project (they provided over 70% of the entire budget). Because we were not able to find a replacement, we had to put this project on hold (maybe even forever).
For me this was especially frustrating since I put my heart and soul into this project. But I will not give up that easily and stick to my favorite quote from Star Wars Rogue One “We'll take the next chance, and the next. On and on until we win, or the chances are spent.“. Since this was the second project of mine that failed due to the financing, I wanted to reduce the risk regarding the finances. 
Thus, for my next project I focus more on something that is doable (almost) solo. But for that I need to improve my 3D skills, and this is why I am here. Zach and his team have done an amazing job creating CG Boost and I am looking forward to getting in touch with this community. :)
Best regards,