Mauro Sanna

Lead 3D CG Artist
Hi everyone!

My name is Mauro Sanna and I am glad I have been invited to this fantastic community.

I am from Italy, Rome, although I have been living in UK since 2010 and worked here as a CG Artist covering different roles.

I started with computer graphics and 3D back in 1988, with my first Commodore Amiga computer.
I was learning literally everything thanks to tutorials appearing on the magazines that I used to read (of course computer and graphics related).

I started my professional career as a traditional illustrator, graphic designer and then photo retoucher. In the meantime I was still studying and improving my 3D skills.

Sculpt Animate 4D, Turbo Silver, Imagine 3D... Then Real 3D and LightWave (all on my trusty Amiga).

Then I saw Softimage 3D Extreme and Alias Power Animator for the first time (on SiliconGrpahics Workstations) and I decided those were the software I had to learn in order to quit working in "just" graphics and get a job in the animation and 3D field.

After a while Maya was presented for the first time and I just felt in love with that "alien" application. That was back in 1998.

I built my first PC just to be able to run Maya, which I knew Alias|Wavefront was about to make available for Windows very soon (Maya ran only on SGI Irix at the beginning, and that's where I learnt how to use it).

After a while I bought my first (and only) SiliconGraphics workstation (which lasted for a loooong time) in order for me to improve efficiency and speed.

Today my tool of choice is still Maya (unfortunately under Autodesk... But hey, we can't have everything right?).

I while ago I then decided to add Blender to my tools set (and skill set), and that's when I found Zach's youtube channel, which made me want to follow a properly organized Blender course, and specifically what I consider to be the release that made me change my mind about the app: 2.8.

As a 3D artist I started (and still am) as a generalist (which is what most of the professionals of my age are), doing everything: modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering... you name it.
After a long time spent doing graphics, photo retouches and colour corrections, I worked as a 3D artist at one TV series, few cartoon characters, one CG animated film and then moved to UK. Here I worked as a VFX artist (3D and CGI) predominantly. Then I started to work in the Automotive industry: 5 years in Jaguar Land Rover as Lead CG 3D Visualization Artist, then a small pause (6 months roughly) as Lead CG 3D artist for a studio making a commercial, and now I am back to Automotive working for TATA Motors.

Well... I tried to make a very long story short (there would have been so much more to say) and I think I bored you enough by now! Hehehehe!

I wish you all the very best with whatever your journey in this fantastic world will lead you to!

See you all around! ;-) 
Hi Mauro!
My husband is also a CG generalist. It amazes me the things he can do. 
My dad brought home a Commodore 64 when I was a kid and I thought it was really cool until I wanted to play a game. I don't know what everyone else's experience with those computers was, but mine was kinda: "I wanna play Dig Dug...that should be about a day of copying line by line a bunch of characters that make no sense at all and then another couple of hours hunting for the one I missed." XD
Sounds like you had a better experience :)
Mauro Sanna replied
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