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Application architect 3d designer
I've worked at a few small animation companies as a texture artist and designer. My main goals are to combine 3d with c# and unity to create interactive books - so my goals are now animation + 3d as the last pieces in the puzzle.
CLOTH AND DRAPERY 1: Cloth, Folds, Junctions, and Armor

I've just added some animations so I can judge how well the model can bend and move - for the most part I think it will be ok. Some work on weighting is needed since I haven't done anything yet other than automatic weights

So once I get back from holiday the plan is to use multi-res modifier and sculpt in proper details to the costume, hair-cards, textures etc. All the fun thingsย  -So for now mostly happy.

Have lovely weekends all xxo

Modeling for Animation 01

Modeling For Animation 02 - Planning, and Blocking the Body and Limbs

Modeling for Animation 03 - Adding Volume to the Body!

Modeling for Animation 04 - Building the Hands!

Modeling for Animation 05 - Sculpting the Face!

Modeling for Animation 06 - Retopologising the Face!

Modeling for Animation 07 - Modeling Polygon Hair!

Hi hi, wellย  just rolling along with the topology its my first "proper model" and since I want to animate it -I need to know how to do the knees and elbows so they bend nicely.... anyone know some good tutorials to tips on how to do them?
or do you thinkย  these will be ok -ish? Any potential problems you see?
Am pretty new to re-topology so this would be helpful :o)

As far as animations - I would like to be able to run jump kick etc...
A good range of motion if possible - with nice deformations...

Hi Natalie! Dikko on YouTube has an excellent 10 part series on Modeling for Animation! I believe that he covers Knees and elbow deformations inย 

Modeling for Animation 03 - Adding Volume to the Bodyยย but I think watching the whole series is worthwhile. Congrats on your model! One day I hope to achieve that level!

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A mini update - I still have to redo the knees and I really wasn't sure how to attack the arm guards... they need to bend with the form of the arm yet probably still need to also hold the shape of the armor details - but maybe they should need more simplified, since normal maps could take over some of the heavy lifting of geometry... Well time will tell - once I start animating I guess ill see and adjust approach if needed

A little niggling question I have is
Should I flatten the costume and body together?? What are the problems and benefits... what usual for a game character?

Rethinking geometry....
Probably I got a bit extreme on the hair ties and they can be simplified right down as simple cylinders with bump-map and normals to save on poly-count and sanity...?? if anyone has thoughts ^^

Still it will be fun to add all of the details for the rest of the character once I get back from holiday - Thanks so much lovelies! for all the interesting feedback and useful examples!ย 
Its very motivating and a huge help :O)
I've still to create the costume... but reasonably happy with it - will see if I have to add anymore detail.... but for now hopefully it will be ok.
Topography will be a challenge OO

Thanks Zach,
I would love to make it as a game character for Unity, and learn how to do that in the process.ย  So some good challenges ahead. Yes its my first full human character. So lots of hugging my anatomy books and mumbling to self :Pย 

PS Thanks for that link the other day to the advanced rigify course - for sure im going to put that to good use! (I brought the course it's very good)
That is really well done.ย  It will be interesting to see what you do with this character.
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This looks really cool! I really like it.

I think if you want to animate it, you should put the arms stretched out.
Otherwise, when moving the arms, the vertices on the elbows can look a bitย  weird.
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See how the big kids make their models. ;P
These guys are the masters of poly count + topology for animation

Even seeing the pack is interesting to see how the model is broken up, texture sheet sizes, types of maps used... poly count and edge-flow. Don't use anything from packs in your models of course! - But is good to learn from the pros.

Just pottering along with modelling - eventually I'd like to make a full character - so is just the initial stages while enjoying the sculpting process and working on my anatomy...

I am very new to retopologising. With lots to learn here! But for now moving forward slowly, waiting till I can get to my favorite which is detailing and textures!!! This part gets a bit frustrating >< since im slow and still yet to see how to solve some of the loops cleanly...ย  โ˜’

Currently working on ears.... I vote we don't grow them any more ;P
Well time to push on through... since i'm procrastinating.
What doesn't kill us makes us grow strongerย  better at retopology.

This demo blew my mind :) The thought you can take a raw sculpt from zbrush straight into the engine and it doesn't even blink...

Yea, this demo is really cool.

There was some information, by some Unreal Engine person that if your pc can run Fortnite, it can run this.

The video is only in 24fps at the moment, but I think it can do more than that too.
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I've been enjoying dabbling in 3d -but finally got a course in modeling last month. My end goals are to learn modelling, rigging and animation to produce interactive apps in Unity.

ย I have spent the last few years gaining coding experience in c# but am now focused on getting up-to speed in all things 3D to complete that dream.

I've worked in small animation studios as a texture artist and character/prop designer. But for me it's very satisfying being able to learn 3d and see it come to life
Hi Natalie. Im From Switzerland too. Is this your own work above? This looks really good if u just started out. You worked in switzerland for the animation studio? I also did some programming for games but i diden't liked the gameengines back then. Keep it up.ย 
Hi Tobias nice to meet you :)
Yes these are mine some new experiments since doing the modelling course. Actually I worked in New Zealand at animation studios there. Since coming to Switzerland I've been focusing my energy at up-skilling into new areas C#, Unity andย  3d - Hopefully one-day to work here! But for now enjoying the freedom to learn all that interests me.ย 
Nice work Natalie.
I especially like the eye expressions of the 4 birds. They tell the story and make the scene come alive.
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