Ryann S Beesley

I'm new to blender and have done a few tutorials on youtube and want to up my game

Hey All :D

Hello I'm new to Blender and mostly new to 3d modeling. I was enrolled in Fullsail University a few years back but ran into some issues with Financial aid so was forced to step back. I was enjoying my time there but after that experience I didn't do anything more in the 3d world. 

Well about 3 years later (last week) i decided I wanted to put my foot back into the 3d world so downloaded blender and did what most people do, Went to Youtube.

I of course  did the infamous donut tutorial and enjoyed it as well as Andrew but then I came across Grant Abbitt and have done a bunch of his tutorials now. I really enjoy his style of teaching so i stuck with him and followed his outline on his website.

What I will say is I wish i would have gone this route a few years ago. My time at fullsail (2 years) didn't teach me nor was as fun as the last WEEK I have been learning on my own from people on YouTube and then trying out stuff on my own.

One thing i did notice is a lot of Youtubers have highly recommended the Launchpad course so i figured why not and here I am. Looking forward to starting it and seeing what I come up with in the end. 

Feel free to check out my Instagram to see what I have done well following these Youtube tutorials (sorry if not aloud to post my Instagram link)
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