3D Artist student
I have an artstation account too: https://ikxi.artstation.com/.
I used the Vertex Selection in Weight Paint mode and now it works somehow.
It is a bug in 2.83.
Hey, need some help.
In Weight Paint mode I can't make the camera focus on the selection. It just focuses on something else.
Hello everyone,
I have been using the community website actively for nearly 1 week now.
I already made a similar post when the page was first launched and I will be addressing some of the points again, but also new points.
I will be mostly comparing my feedback with Discord as another platform to share things and communicate with other people to find help.
I also know that some of the problems are just the limitations of the platform, but it is also because of these limitations, that I want advise, using a different platform.

One of the only good things that stood out, is how easy it is to attach a picture or video to a post or file. But this seems standard and won't raise my opinion by a lot. It is also very easy in Discord.

The major thing why I do not like using the website is, that everything feels very slow. From loading the page, to going to a topic, everything always needs several seconds to load, even though I have fast internet and a fast CPU.
In Discord I can easily go from channel to channel without any loading times, only if my internet is a bit worse at times.

But also when giving someone an answer or when asking a question, it can take several hours for someone to notice and respond. And then again several hours for you to notice the response.
I know that you get an email when someone answers your topic, but I am not a person, who checks their email very often.

In Discord, it might also take some hours for someone to notice or respond to your message, but you can also easily be pinged and it makes a sound on your end, if you are still at your PC and you can see that someone answered and immediatly respond.
It is also better when multiple people have a conversation, as you don't have to jump between several comments the whole time, but everything is contained in one chat window.

Another point in favor of Discord is the voice chat and its innate function of screen share. You can easily share your screen with another person, if a problem is just a bit too difficult and can't be easily solved with a few messages and screenshots.
I already used this feature several times and wws able to help a few people in solving problems.

One minor thing is, that there is a lot of wasted space at the left and right edge of the screen and if that wasn't there, some posts would be better readable, than just on 1/3 of the screen. It would just be a quality of life improvement. Maybe you can change that yourself and it's not how the website was intended to be. (As I heard you are using a service provider to host this website)

Another minor thing too, when I collapse a category and go to a channel, the category then is always open again. This is just infuriating to me. And it makes the function worthless essentially.

My last point on the matter is communication. As a community you maybe just don't want to talk about your latest project or you don't always seek help. But maybe you also want to talk about general 3D topics or similar topics.
I also already had just mundane conversations about hobbies etc.
This is just not possible on the website, because of how it is build.

I hope you can take this feedback into consideration.

Have a nice day!
Actually, Discord is awesome.
I learned tons of stuff by asking questions on Discord. Also I made lots of amazing contacts. There is a server for every application. Substance, Blender, Marvelous Designer, etc. Got a question? Just ask in the server and you'll almost always get a response to your problem in a few minutes. Especially as a newbie this will speed up your workflow immensely. And everyone is very friendly, the community is awesome.
After two years on Discord I now have contacts in every field. I exactly know whom to ask if I have a modeling problem, texturing problem, rigging, whatever.
If you have a problem with too many notifications just mute channels or whole servers.
Hiย Ikxi, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this feedback, this is really appreciated.

First, I do like how fast Discord is and many of its functionalities, and of course that you can interact much faster with other people. However, the big disadvantage I see in Discord is, that it can't really be used for occasional community users. The fact that channels just have these long chat lists make it on the one hand hard to follow up on something, if you haven't been there for a few days (you have to read a long chat) and to find something later on as well. I do like the post and comment format like in this community and Facebook more. So you know what is new, you can easily find posts again and you don't have to be there all the time.

This is of course personal preference, because I also try to avoid distractions during the day as much as I can. So I'm not the person that is watching Discord all day long and keep up-to-date with each conversation immediately. I like to keep things a bit slower sometimes. ;)

For this community we use the tool Circle.so. One thing I really like about it is that the support from them is super fast, they resolved an issue I had in less than a day and in this short time I'm using it they made a massive amount of improvements. So I'm pretty sure that this community tool will evolve into something even better.

Here is their public roadmap with many cool features coming soon.

Maybe the desktop app and smartphone apps will also work faster. I will definitely get back to them and mention some of your feedback.

All in all, as I commented under your first post, at this point I'm not fully sure what to do with Discord. Maybe we keep it as addition to this community for quicker communication, but a bit simplified. Before we make a final decision, we want to see how this community evolves in the next weeks.

Regarding collapsing a category. For me it works when I collapse categories and then open up another channel or even reload the page. This of course is not working if you want to access a channel inside a collapsed category. This is not working for you?

Also, you can make suggestions at any time if we should add other channels to the general community to share and discuss other subjects.
Ikxi replied
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Thank you for your responce Zach. It is very appreciated that you actively try to make a goodcommunity platform.

The problem with the categories is, that when I collapse the CG Career Booster category for example, and then go to another channel (within a different category than the collapsed one), the category un-collapses itself. (video attached)
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Hello everyone,
here are a few links that I collected from the discord server, for those that don't know or just aren't there. Have fun and go wild.
(Everything is CC0)

Photogammetry textures/models:
http://www.treesdesigner.com/materials-library/ (9 different kinds of leave textures)
https://sketchfab.com/nebulousflynn/collections/cc0 (A collection of photoscanned museum artifacts)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpWI2rU8iF0 (A series to create an amazing looking toon shader by a game dev studio)

https://www.behance.net/gallery/2307804/Free-Texture-Pack (500 textures, 2.5GB, 27 categories)
https://texturebox.com/ (651 textures at time of writing)
https://texturehaven.com/textures/ (a haven of textures, up to 8k 16bit color)
https://texture.ninja/ (shown by TrANnyCyBOrg )
https://www.textures.com/freeTextures (shown by Natalie V )

https://3dmodelhaven.com/ (it's a 3d model haven, all said)

https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/ (more haven than you can take, up to 16k images only use with beefie computer)

Have fun blendering!
Hey! Where is the link to the discord server? I'd be happy to join!
One way to categorize your brushes,ย  (if you're like me and can never find them) Store them with previews is the BlenderKit library!
It only works online. You can upload and share your brushes, and there are already about 100 sculpting brushes. Blender 2.8 has the plugin, for 2.79 you can download it from the site: https://www.blenderkit.com/get-blenderkit/

Some brush examples. There are about 100 free brushes there...

Some other fun little things
Free HDRI's https://hdrihaven.com/
Textures: https://www.textures.com/freeTextures
Matcaps: https://github.com/nidorx/matcaps
How to make a matcap tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=eKpDEwy2eLk&feature=emb_logo

Have fun :)
can this General Discussion channel also be used to ask for advice that isn't specific to a course?
Or would that be something for the Discord server or I think there was also a Facebook group?
This channel is exactly for that! Btw. at this point we don't know yet if we will continue the Discord server, since we would like to keep everything in one place.
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Yes, it would be better to keep all in one )
Hello people!

I'm Ikxi. Currently a college student learning to be a 3d/game artist.
Love animation and rigging!

Also very active on the CGBoost discord.

Hope we can enjoy our time here!
Hallo lkxi, I decided to enter the forum here because it was you who pointed out a weakness in my hardware setup. Still haven't taken the plunge for an RTX card yet but will keep on plugging along with the present setup for awhile. Was able to complete most ofย 
Zach's intro. course with the old GTX 680 and the plan is to complete the Launchpad course with the old card then again with the new card lol. Yeah ... I'm old ... got lots of time for this. :-)
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