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Hola, I'm a multiskilled artist learning 3D and programming. I write short stories and read them over Soundcloud (in french :o)

Hello World

"Hello world", said the wolf, shouting from the high place of the forest to the rest of the world.
I'm a jack of all trades, writer (short stories, poems, songs), artist (drawings, sculpting wood/stone, digital painting, 2D design, 3D modeling/sculpting), programmer, coach in self improvement, I play the guitar and I even learned how to build houses and create a garden 😮

But I'm not here to brag, being a jack of all trades has its limit. I don't usually master anything. I learned and experienced a bit of everything, some more than other.

Right now, I'm focused on writing, programming and 3D modeling/sculpting. It would help me bring a fictional world I have in mind to life and I could share it with others. I already wrote stories and lore about it, but I would like to do more.

That is how I started learning modeling/sculpting. Here is Dara, my "first" work from this fictional world. 

I'd like to learn more about sculpting, hence why I'm starting to follow the WIP Update on the CGBoost sculpting course :)

Happy to learn/chat with you,
Loup-Venant 🐺
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