Maximilian Vorwerk

3D Artist

Hello from Germany

I am Max, 29 years old and living near Cologne, Germany.

Since i was a little boy i was always interested in gaming. I had my first console (Super Nintendo) at the age of 6 and started with my first game Zelda - Link to the past. What has shaped me to this day.

As a kid I never realisted how much i was interested in art, but i already draw a lot.Β 
I studied media informatics with a focus on game developement back in 2009, where i got knowledge in programming (java, c#, mysql and so on) but after a couple of weeks the highlight every week changed to our 3D Course. We used 3ds Max and Photoshop at that point, but as soon as i realised how expensive that could be i started learning Blender and Gimp2 with tutorials on youtube all by myself.
Today i work mostly with Blender, Photoshop and 3D-Coat, but also would like to learn Substance.
Currently i work for almost 7 years in a Browsergame Studio as an 3D Artist in Cologne, Germany.
Mostlikely iΒ΄m a 3D generalist but i need to learn more about environments for our Artworks. So thats why i am here πŸ˜„
Today i start with the Master 3D Environment Course from Martin Klekner and iΒ΄m really looking forward to it!
Β Wish you a great day!
Β Stay safe, stay healthy!
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