Gokce Grace Yucel

Hey CGBoost Community! I am a dentist, photographer and now learning 3D and I guess I started one of the best places for that. :) I am really super excited to be part of this community and learn from everyone here! See you around! ;)

Hello Community!

I have been around a couple of months now I believe, but I never post before. I bought Cubic Worlds and Mastering Sculpting courses, studying them at a slow pace. I am totally new to 3D and art in general. I have no skills for 2D drawing at all!Β 
I am Turkish but living in Spain with my husband. I am a Dentist and 5 years ago I got into photography and work also as a professional photographer and the next step was 3D for me. I begin to study 3D with Blender about 7-8 months now, I have no prior knowledge about anything related to the 3D world. I am super eager to learn and create my own art. I am first learning sculpting and modeling in general, mainly characters and even though I begin to study super new rigging and animation, I find it pretty interesting. So after I "Master Sculpting" (you see what I did there :) ) and character creation, I will totally continue with Rigging and Animation.Β 
Thank you Zacharias Reinhardt for choosing to teach and creating CG Boost for people like me. Your teaching methods are superb! Β‘Inmejorable! I wish you continuous success in your business from the bottom of my heart!!Β 
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