Zacharias Reinhardt

Founder and Lead Instructor @ CG Boost
I'm a 3D artist since 2004. I love to create 3D art and share my knowledge in tutorials and courses, to help passioned artist succeed on their own 3D journey.

A new place to stay up-to-date with CG Boost

Hi everyone,

today I share with you our new update section for CG Boost, where you can see all the important updates we made.

Want to know what new lessons we added to our courses or what new videos or challenges we have up and running?

Watch the video below to get more info on that. 
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Sculpt January 2021 🗿🔨

Sculpt January 2021, our yearly sculpting event (since 2015) starts tomorrow.

This is an online event, where you can challenge your sculpting skills (digital or traditional) over 31 days of January, with a set of 31 topics we provide (list below).

How to take part ?

  1. Create a sculpting inspired by the topics we provide for each day of January 2021 (see the prompts list below)
  2. Post images of your results on social media
  3. Tag your posts with the hashtag #sculptjanuary and #sculptjanuary2021 (and mention us @sculptjanuary)
  4. If you get all 31 sculptures done in time, share a collage at the end of the month

You can also follow Sculpt January on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you've joined before but couldn't finish the challenge, check out the advice section on the website, which can make the challenge much more accessible (link above).

We wish you a fantastic, creative new year and a fun Sculpt January challenge.

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New CG Boost Video: Mirror Complex 3D Objects in Blender

Hi everyone,

I uploaded a new video on how to mirror complex 3D objects in Blender. Hope it is useful for some of you.
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Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons

In the latest video of the Corridor Crew you can learn quite a bit on animation history from the industry veteran Eric Koenig.

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Official CG Boost Resource Collection

If you haven't joined our free resource section yet, you can do it here.

This includes:
✔️ Full Blender beginners course
✔️ Our Blender Hotkey PDF
✔️ Exclusive Tutorials
✔️ Project files for our YouTube Tutorials

Have fun!
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