Semyon Simonov

Hey everyone! I'm a geophysicist and an artist. I love sports, sci-fi movies, science and travel.
Hello everyone!

I'm a mining engineer, geophysicist. Originally from the city of Yaransk, Kirov region of Russia. He worked in the oil and gas industry, namely engaged in field geophysics - geophysical research in oil and gas wells. I was born with a sense of beauty. Art school, contributed to the development of the necessary qualities.

I've always wondered how these unusual characters and cool graphics are made in movies and cartoons. I wanted to open the curtain a little bit, and I started to master 3ds Max.. In addition, I watched the lessons of various advanced masters of this field, their work greatly motivated me.😀

Then I discovered the 3D Blender.. Now, I am at the beginning of my journey to learn this program. I hope that together with 3D Blender I will make something amazing-because it is a unique program. I want to create new interesting objects, characters-animate them, shoot videos... create worlds and stories!🤠

Happy New Year to all! And good mood to you!🥳

Happy new year to you too! Good luck with Blender and I hope you learn a lot! This course is the best!
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