Dirk Rider

3D artist, drummer, Sr. Network Engineer
I am currently a network engineer. I've been in the IT field for the last 12 years and now I'm coming back to my first choice of computer generated art. I am fast tracking my knowledge (hopefully correctly). My goal is to change my career to 3D.

Hello from Utah

I found my first loves in live at age 7 with art, music (drums) and video games.  I filled several sketchbooks over the years.  At 16 a friend showed me how to build a computer.  My first choice in career was in CG art.  I started college in 2001 at UVSC, but at that time there were no courses available in game design.  I had no friends that were interested in the field of CG and I didn't want to work for marketing.  So the motivation to stay with that degree fell hard.  For the last 14 years I fell towards my abilities with computers to pay the bills.  Over the last 8 years I found a mentor that helped build my IT career.  I am currently a Sr. Network Engineer for a good company.   However, recently I found out a very solid fact.  I no longer wish to have IT part of my future.  
4 months ago I went through a live event that placed me on short-term leave from work for almost 3 months.  During that time I decided to pick up Blender and made a donut.  That first feeling of satisfaction in creating something in 3D space relit the spark for art I forgot was there.  I spent a solid month, 8-12 hours a day absorbing all I could about Blender and 3D modeling/rendering.  I am learning Blender, Mixer, Substance, and Gaea.  UE4 is soon on the list.  As well as getting a taste of Maya and Zbrush.
I want to accomplish a career, a solid career in 3D.  I have never been this pulled toward something in my life. I hope to meet so many good people in this new journey.  I also strive to find a new mentor to blatantly tell me what I'm doing wrong. 😁
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