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I honestly can't recommend the paid CG boost course enough. I tried to donut thing and I thought it was good, but ultimately I feel like the Launchpad course gave me a more solid foundation to play around with other ideas and gave me the confidence in creating projects. The variance in blend files for each lesson is fun to play with for each exercise as well and gave waaaaaay more context and insight than youtube video tutorials.

Also, the textures bonus course is pretty awesome too really filled in the gap in my understanding of how 3d is made.
ο»Ώ Metin Seven ο»ΏΒ Ooohhh... I suppose Blender is a bit of a swiss army knive... does everything well but you wouldn't cut a a tree down with it lol... Definitely need to learn some of the words you used, but makes me excited to dive deep into this whole 3D designer world! Thanks for replying Metin!
haha I would love to see a whole jaws movie like this! Why use Octane to render though? Is it just a faster render program?
Ikxi Β Woohoo thanks for the feedback! It had a $15 coupon on amazon which sold me haha
Ikxi Β I do something simular... it's an app called a Pomodoro technique... basically sais 25min work and 5 min break is the "optimized" way. Not sure how much of that I believe but the interval works really well for me!
Just got a XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics and ergonomic mouse! Not sure if the XP-PEN stuff is any good but it was priced well. Figured it would serve as a good learning product... can't wait to try using it!
The new model defs looks yummier!