Robert Berry

Hello! I'm a video producer and motion graphics/animator. Love to create video and graphics. Been in business for 34 years...yikes!

Hello All!


I'm Robert Berry.  I'm very new to Blender...about 2 months now and have been trying to learn blender for a while.  I'm Northwest of Atlanta Georgia USA.  I have an amazing wife and 7 children (blended family) 2 bio and 5 step.

Had a bit of a rough time with work since COVID so, focusing more on 3d now.

I've been in 3d since 1989-90 with Ageis 3d (I think that is how it was spelled) but that turned into Lightwave 3D when NewTek bought them and I ended up on NewTek Alpha testing team developing the transitions and converting content as they moved to the PC. (Not employed by them , just tested and developed for hugh discounts on hardware and software...wrote a program that is part of the Switcher.)

I transitioned to Maya under Alias|Wavefront version 2 and have been using that ever since. 

Because of the subscription model and the cost, I've decided to not to continue with Autodesk and made the switch to Blender.  WOW...this is a crazy good program!... and you can't beat the price!!  (And it doesn't crash!!)

I started with 2.7 and shortly after getting my feet wet, 2.8 came out.  I put blender on hold because I had to switch gears again because of the interface changes (great change)  and started learning again just before 2.9 was released.  Now I'm not turning back.  Done several project in Blender and now prefer the look over Maya.  (used Vray, Arnold and Renderman...which I'd like to see in Blender)

I've been producing video production and doing animation on my own since 1987.

Looking forward to meeting you and learning more of Blender!

Thank you Zach for doing such a great job.  You have a gift my friend!

At some point, I'd love some feedback on my work.  I've never been around too many folks that do 3d.  (   I've never really had much relationship with a 3d community, so I'm looking forward to getting involved.

Cheers all!
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