Leandro Rocha

looking for some fun
Hi, everyone. I'm a christian from Brazil, passionate with everything related to sports and Star Wars. Joining this community as I want to learn this new hobby and see where I can get with it. Wish you the best!
Hi, everyone. My name is Leandro, I'm from Brazil and with 0 experience with Blender software.
I worked at an agency that developed some great Augmented Reality projects. It was there that I had my first contact with 3D content. I had a very good professional working on the development (I was the project manager), that taught me a lot about it: how it is made, how to make it realistic, how to understand the way each object should move to be more immersive and more.
Well, now I've been watching a lot of films and series about it and decided to take a shot on it!
I'm starting today on how to use Blender! Let's do this!