3D Modeler/Sculptor
I make things other people dream up.
I'm Deborah and I am here to make the next right move in my career.

For nearly 25 yrs, I have served the themed entertainment , special fx, film, television and toy industries as a commercial sculptor.

Picking up ZBrush in 2016, I am now in the position where I want to trot out this new skill in CG and need guidance and support as I build my client base (again).
Covid 19 has offered up some unique opportunities for self reflection and I have found out that I truly dig ZBrush as a medium, I love the modeling process and want get paid for it!

I believe I have a lot to offer the right studio/client and want to cultivate a portfolio that is effective and impactful. This is where I hope CGBoosts' class CG Career Boost will come into play. It will help having your feedback as I go through the course and refine my presentation to meet my goals.

Thanks CGBoost for your interest in supporting the advancement of others' life paths and for offering the tools to build our own boats!
I am eager to get down to business and get busy with leveling up.
Thanks for these opportunities to expand my experience as an artist.

Would you be able to share when we will be meeting next week yet?
The in person meetings can help so much.


Alan Planes replied
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Hi Deborah! That is impressive experience, very glad to have you here.

We are starting the live calls next week, hope to see you there to discuss the course further and how we can reach your goals.

I am sure you do have a lot to offer studios and clients :)