Renato Lins

Game developer

Learn Blender and Maya basics at the same time

Hello guys. Well, I´ve been hearing a LOT that 3D softwares are just tools, and what make creations good is the conceptual knowledge, intentions, creatity, and the artists experience as a whole... and good artists could switch between Blender to Maya or vice-versa in a matter of weeks. Well, I really like Blender, it´s my main go for anything... but I´d like to know from you, if it is a smart move to map interface and hot keys for both software to be similar, and learn the basics on both... then picking one or another where they will be more productive/professional. What you guys think about? 

Just something I was practicing on, beginers should find it easy or hard? leave opinions

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Need some opinions on mesh for game asset

Guys, I´m creating a game asset (water gun), and Id like to know if a mesh like this one would be good for a game asset. Id appreciate any suggestion!

Hello from Brazil

Hey guys, I´m a programmer and designer from Brazil, learning 3D now... I hope to find a fun xp in this community, cheers!

Spiral table without plugins or modifiers

Guys, Ive managed to create an spiral table without plugins or modifiers, and I found it to be quite of an interesting challenge. Tell me, how easy or hard would it be for you to do the same without plugins or modifiers.

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Please make a course around creating characters and props for Games!