Eduard Popp

Storywriter, beginner in 3D
Hello, Im relatively new to the cg world, but try my best to sharpen my skills. Im always eager to learn new things. I also like to play Keyboard and guitar.

Hello cgboost community

Long time ago I had the complete insane dream of creating my own game, for this I worked with some tools, beginning with rpg maker xp, then trying out different engines, then trying out the trialversions of maya and 3ds max, after blender beeing super difficult back then v1.xx. but then some years back, I again tried using blender and was super exited, I tried to model my first human model, and yeah was not heavily impressed, but managed to rig and weightpaint it and even texture it somehow. But it wasnt the way I wanted it to be, so I tried another one, this time including sculpting, and yeah I was pretty scared of it, but long story short, I still have to do the hair, the retopo and the texturing, but it looked more like what I had in my inner Eye, now the male basemesh is pretty done too, even more refined. What this has to do with me landing here? pretty much every thing I used/learned to use in my Workflow came from an older video series from agenzasbrothers.

So here I am,  super exited, eager to learn new things and still a beginner in the 3D World 🙂
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