Hello From France

Β  I started 3D on my Amiga 500 with Sculpt 3D then 3D Studio/Max. I took a break and unable to resume the gas plant that Max had become, I discovered Modo.Β 
Β Another break, meanwhile Modo's licensing system had gotten too weird and Blender 2.8 appeared!
Β I bought the CGMaster tutorial (Master Car Creation, a really wonderful complete tutorial) which was too ambitious for me despite my knowledge, each video is very long because it is sometimes quite technical and difficult to stop anywhere in order to easily resume later (I dropped at 30%) and since I started a family time is running out.
Β The tutorial on creating 3D environment is very exciting but I start with Blender beginners to quickly get the basics. I started looking some chapter at Master 3D Environments and you did an incredible great job!

Mario H.
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