3D Hobbyist
I'm a 3D hobbyist, new to the world of 3D art. I started using Blender 10/3/20. I am into sculpting, painting and creating so Blender should be perfect for me.
My name is Ben. I have been on CG Boost for a few weeks now. I just got sucked into the amazing content in the 2 courses I'm in and neglected to introduce myself. Currently I am enrolled in the Blender 2.8 launch pad and Substance painter launch pad courses (both amazing) learning as much as I can. Has anyone else noticed the content keeps growing? If not in one of those courses I'm going through Jan's awesome book Blender Secretes (recently updated with more content) Thank You so much for making that, it has answered so many questions for me. I hope everyone is well and stay safe.Ā 
He Ben!...welcome. Iā€™m new here too. Amazing stuff here.Ā 

Iā€™m transitioning from Maya and Iā€™m blown away how helpful and organized this community is and how great these courses are.Ā 

Look forward too seeing your posts šŸ‘šŸ¼