Can someone teach me what to do please?? I tried doing an animation in my rigged mesh and it works fine but when I create a new action animation it messes up the first animation I made. I saved the first animation as fake user (shield icon) then duplicate it to create a new action animation but I first delete the keyframes since it was copied from the first action animation then started saving new keyframes as I animate but when I play my first action animation it messes up..it seems that it is being affected by the second action animation I made...Β 
hey thanks! I just figured it out now .. I was not clicking the stash icon after every animation I made that is why it is now being added in the NLA stack. When I clicked the stash after every animation, now it works fine, every animation behaves correctly.Β 
Ikxi replied
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Do you have Auto Keying activated?
That might cause issues.
Junver replied
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I am Junver and I work as a lab scientist here in California and I am currently learning game development / C++ as a hobby and focus more on a 3D game and this brought me to Blender. I can’t believe I will be able to learn 3D modeling, at first I thought it was hard but as I practice and watch the videos on my course β€œLaunchpad 2.8” everyday I appreciate Blender more and more. I made my own version of a flying Cybertruck for fun using Blender and I can’t wait to create my own 3D game character in the future. Β