Can any one help - from one frustrated bunny

The the CG Boost introductory training section 7 under texture paint - my system looks different from yours.

For instance when paint a texture I have no display - while the instruction screen does.
I don't see the display section and hence the the curve alpha or texture alpha that you use in your video

Where do you find the display function in Blender 2.9 in this respect or should i Use Blender 2.8

Has anyone any idea to solve this or where to find the display section in this area

Hi hi I dont have the tutorial up - do you mind taking a screen shot from the tutorial, so I can see what screen your wanting -
pictures worth a thousand words ;P
If you look at my post there is exactly two images the top one has the image from the tutorial where you can see the display section with texture alpha bit that is used for the tutorial - below it is the Screenshot from my page where there is no display section.

I cant work out why there is no display section in my page but there is on Zachs page.

This is what I see on my screen

Below is what you see on the tutorial video

I am wondering what is going on.

Thanks for your help
Hi hi, The reason is because blender has been updated since the tutorial so some stuff has shifted around

Blender 2.80

Blender 2.90Β
Can any one answerΒ  a problem I am having with proportional editing.
When I edit a sphere proportional editing selects the whole sphere and there is not proportional editing circle that you should be able to reduce the size of the area affected by the proportional editing.
I don't get that circle when I select proportional editing its just the one size fits all.
Can any one explain how you control the area withing proportional editingΒ 
You need to adjust the strength - size of influence area 1:07

Ciaran Patrick replied
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