Hello I am a game development production, and publishing studio owner newly launched march 30, 2020. the website is under construction however there is a few more up wolfgraphics.net and wolfgraphicsstudios.com
hello ALL, I am John from South Carolina USA I am a 41 year old disabled Army vet and every since i was youg i wanted to bring my drawings to life. Well back then it was discouraged greatly, my dad was a millwright by trade a steel blue collar worker and felt it was wasting my time to dream such things so i quit drawing for the longest time, however when ever i would get down and out I would pick up anything laying around. A restaurant bag a empty shoe box once, anything. well a few years ago in 2012 my son asked me when coming to my house for the weekend what i wanted to do at his age when I grew up, well I told him in detail that story. and after a long pause ( He knew i could draw he use to sit and watch me when i would do it from time to time), he asked, "Well dad, why cant you still do it?" as i sat there i have always though of ways to teach my son how to make a living, How to survive when he was older and make hs way when i would be no longer around to provide for him. then i turned to him and said ok ill make a deal with you, I will put my self back through school and show you what it takes to make a go doing a carrier at something you love todo. the fall of 2013 I started collage at a 2 year community collage taking fine arts and duel majored with computer science as they did not have a game development program. while there i learned of blender( still my go to,) then through my own personal work and help of a professor there i got a chance to not only help start a game development course at that school but take the course for free and teach it teaching Maya. I then transferred to UAT( the University of Advancing Technology) there i majored in game art and animation learning Game Maker , Maya , 3ds max, more blender, daz studio, upgraded photoshop skills, Illustrator, and the full adobe cloud suite. While there I did the greenlight studios in a production setting helped develop a board game, and started an internship at a small indie studio which i was with for 2 years after they re contracted me for game development and production lead. and there I learned of (after the owner encouraged me to do so) went to Udemy and took courses from Jonathan Weinberger, The owner well 1 of them , for GameDevHq. While taking that course I got the opportunity to become a founder and affiliate there and I am still there almost 2 years now as a affiliate, Founder, and a server moderator on there discord helping to teach game development.  Now I am here I just cant quench the hunger in my head and am constantly wanting to learn more and more and love what I do.
Hello John, quite an impressive story. I believe that man can be whatever he decides if the will is strong enough. I myself took a "smaller" detour to the game industry via other creative professions. Enjoy your journey with us and hopefully, we will quench your hunger for new skills.
unfortunately I was taught and am a firm believer that one learns at least one thing new a day until the day they die weather you realize it or not so my journey will not be OVER anytime soon as I have ptsd adult onset adhd, and insomnia so I am almost always awake and at my pc.