Musician & wargaming freak
Hey guys, I am Sergio. My main hobbie has always been playing musical instruments, but I've kept my interest in wargaming and I recently got into 3d printing, so I thought... why not learning to sculpt? And here I am :)
Hey guys! I am Sergio from Madrid (Spain).

I've always been into wargaming (warhammer mainly, although I've tried malifaux, infinity or 40k to name a few).Β People that customize miniatures amaze me, but I only paint and never took the time of learning manual sculpting.

I bought a 3D printer recently and I am enjoying it a lot, and thinking often about modifying the STL pieces I get on the internet, so I though... why not learning to sculpt myself? few weeks later here I am πŸ™‚

I also enjoy playing musical instruments and videogames, and with so many hobbies what I lack on free time I've got it on motivation and discipline haha sooooo let's rock!