Studio Technician, WJET-TV
Hey everyone, I'm an aspiring VFX artist and multimedia specialist. I'm growing to love 3D and love learning new things


I could've sworn I made my introduction already.😅 But anyways, my name is Alexgiomuel Gonzalez(I go by Alex for short), I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania, I currently working as studio technician at broadcasting station. Before that I worked as a production assistant on various films ranging from indie to feature length. What drew me to CG was my love for VFX and animation, I always wanted to do more work in that department, I was dazzled by Pixar and DreamWorks animations as child. Favorite movies growing up were Monsters Inc. and the Incredibles. What blows my mind to this day the VFX behind Inception, Interstellar, and the recent Bladerunner movie.

I thought I couldn't afford to learn the software required to get the job in that part of the field. I was multimedia specialist who worked with cameras, the adobe suite and only could dream of VFX work. This was my claim to fame, took me out of the projects with just my pocket camcorder and willingness to learn, why change that? I couldn't possibly work with computers right?  I decided to fully commit to this goal to VFX after attending various ASWF webinars through LinkedIn, found that I could really do this if I put my mind to it and I'm choosing to dedicate my time after work to reach this goal. I instantly fell in love with blender after making my first donut, I'm excited with every new thing I learn in the program. I look forward to the new things I can learn from you guys and connect. 

I hope you have a great morning, evening and night wherever you are. Hope to to hear from you guys soon. 😆
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