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CLOTH AND DRAPERY 1: Cloth, Folds, Junctions, and Armor

Hi everyone!
I want to share some articles about the Lowpoly Style that I found really liked:
  1. Low Poly Art: The Beauty of Simplicity
  2. How to make lowpoly look good
  3. Lowpoly character design
  4. 40 Stunning Low Poly Art Images 
I also found interesting the talk from GDC -  Low Poly Modeling: Style Through Economy

I personally like the art style of Mohamed Chahin, that includes breakdowns of his projects, the work of Jona Dinges, and the channel from Polygon Runway, that has a huge collection of timelapses and also a course on his illustration style.

I hope you find this compilation useful.
I really like the low poly style, these are interesting.  Mohamed's work is amazing.  Thanks for posting these!

Modeling for Animation 01

Modeling For Animation 02 - Planning, and Blocking the Body and Limbs

Modeling for Animation 03 - Adding Volume to the Body!

Modeling for Animation 04 - Building the Hands!

Modeling for Animation 05 - Sculpting the Face!

Modeling for Animation 06 - Retopologising the Face!

Modeling for Animation 07 - Modeling Polygon Hair!

See how the big kids make their models. ;P
These guys are the masters of poly count + topology for animation

Even seeing the pack is interesting to see how the model is broken up, texture sheet sizes, types of maps used... poly count and edge-flow. Don't use anything from packs in your models of course! - But is good to learn from the pros.

Hello everyone,
here are a few links that I collected from the discord server, for those that don't know or just aren't there. Have fun and go wild.
(Everything is CC0)

Photogammetry textures/models: (9 different kinds of leave textures) (A collection of photoscanned museum artifacts)

Shaders/Materials: (A series to create an amazing looking toon shader by a game dev studio)

Textures: (500 textures, 2.5GB, 27 categories) (651 textures at time of writing) (a haven of textures, up to 8k 16bit color) (shown by TrANnyCyBOrg ) (shown by Natalie V )

Models: (it's a 3d model haven, all said)

HDRI: (more haven than you can take, up to 16k images only use with beefie computer)

Have fun blendering!
Hey! Where is the link to the discord server? I'd be happy to join!
One way to categorize your brushes,  (if you're like me and can never find them) Store them with previews is the BlenderKit library!
It only works online. You can upload and share your brushes, and there are already about 100 sculpting brushes. Blender 2.8 has the plugin, for 2.79 you can download it from the site:

Some brush examples. There are about 100 free brushes there...

Some other fun little things
Free HDRI's
How to make a matcap tutorial:

Have fun :)
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