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Hey everyone. I'm Anne from the United States. I'm a 3d sculptor in training and want to learn even more stuff like digital drawing, concept art, game development, and many others. I want to eventually do 3d music videos as a hobby later in life. Glad to be here! ^^
Hello from Melbourne Australia πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ˜€
Hey Vitalik, thanks for the feedback. I use Loom for the video and captions are not supported yet, but will be in the future.
Hi there, I'm from Spain.Β 
I would like to make a living, or at least half living from 3D, at my 57 years old ( laughts now ) .Β 
Started doing 3D at 1997, using 3D Studio R4 ( 3D Max ancestor ), teaching 2D and 3D, at Argentina. Then in 2001 I came to live to Spain, brought the family, and had to forget my dreams...now I want to try again...