Hello everyone, this is Terry Chan from Hong Kong, product designer.  Couple years ago I knew there's a software called Blender but that is completely different way I used to build the 3D model and rendering in Solidworks.  I saw there are some people can use it to make some extraordinary artworks.  I tried to learn it by myself but the outcome was not good.  Until one day I saw the beginner course (the apple one) on youtube, and I found that I can really make such an amazing result by following it!  It gives me a hope to study this powerful software with a clear guidance.  After the Sci-fi car scene animation course, I'm now starting with the sculpting part.  looking forward to build an interesting figure one day and output with my 3D printer.
Hi Terry, you have chosen the right order with the courses, I believe you will enjoy sculpting now. Enjoy.

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