46 year old swiss guy here, living in spain. I'm a farrier by profession and have a lot of hobbies which barely fit in my spare time. One of them is obviously CG. Tried out blender about 24 years ago, looked too complicated to me, and stuck with lightwave for the first few years. While not having a lightwave license anymore, tried out blender a couple of times and threw it away until maybe 8 years ago? Can't really remember. Fact is, I still use blender and love it.

Anyway. Don't think I'm a professional CG artist, because of having that many years of experience. If so, I should also be professional C++ and PHP programmer. Well, I'm not. There are just too many things I want to learn while having so little time.

For CG that means my output is very low. aproximately 1-2 pictures per year. Sometimes more, sometimes none at all. What can I say. For me it's one of many hobbies which has to fit in my spare time. That means, whenever I have the feeling of 3d creativity, I turn on blender and do something.

Sounds a bit crazy I know. But I think, hopefully having fun while working, you definately should have fun in your spare time and that's how I deal with it.

Strangely enough, I could write a lot more but that should do it for now :)

You are using Blender as a tool to express creativity... It's all good !

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