My name is Luke and I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio.
I enjoy making all sorts of art, from jewelry to pixel art, to Perler beads, to 3D modeling. My strongest interest is in video games and I would love to work on them whether that's as a designer, a coder, or an artist, though as I have found, it is difficult to do all of them.

I went to college for a degree in video game development but have struggled to find my place in the industry with no real game dev experience or specific portfolio to speak of. During college, I worked with various modeling software including Maya and ZBrush, but have only discovered Blender more recently. I finished Blender Guru's Donut scene before losing the path, uncertain of where to go next.

I have decided to pursue 3D modeling as a professional skill and heard from YouTube that this was the best place to start. On the recommendation of Zacharias, I bought a Wacom tablet and am ready to put the work into improving.
Hi Luke, welcome to the community.

We have some people here also pursuing a video game career, try sending a message to Andrey Agafonov or Kenji Aito, they are great guys and won't bite your head off for asking questions :)

In case you missed it, today, tomorrow and Monday I am doing a free live course that goes over, clients, work, portfolios and money for CG artists. Would love to see you there.

Here is the link to the email with all the info and free course access.

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