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In the latest video of the Corridor Crew you can learn quite a bit on animation history from the industry veteran Eric Koenig.

Ahh Corridor Crew.
Because of them I became really good in seeing CG in certain places, where it is used.
For example in animes I can now clearly see where they used CG and whatnot.
They have a really good series where they react to all kinds of things.
This demo blew my mind :) The thought you can take a raw sculpt from zbrush straight into the engine and it doesn't even blink...

Yea, this demo is really cool.

There was some information, by some Unreal Engine person that if your pc can run Fortnite, it can run this.

The video is only in 24fps at the moment, but I think it can do more than that too.
Pedro Dueso replied
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