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Sorry for my bad English.
I don't know how to describe my artwork.

I love love looove your model, but I think the lighting lets you down, maybe you could try lighting with hdri and a 'sun', It would benefit from some rim lighting to pick up more silhouette on the buildings surfaces, so you can show a little betterΒ  the details you worked hard to craft - think of moonlight picking up the edges of the forms so the don't get lost completely.

But congrats on the model it's really nice :)

Yaoho replied
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Yet another bust.
I wanted to practice something more sketchy and fluid and also my first time trying Asian features.
So I tried a different workflow: just dyntopo, hair is part of the same mesh instead of a separate one, limited myself to 2 hours and it has the default texture, I only adjusted lights and color balance in the compositor.

That's impressive for 2 hours.Β  I especially like how the beard turned out.Β  Nice work.
Sebastian Beltramini replied
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Hey, is looking great. Maybe the upper lip looks a bit too sharp?
Sebastian Beltramini replied
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how long did it take you to learn how to sculpt. I am wanting to start doing characters but it's really quite intimidating to me. I guess I nee to just jump in and get started. Your work is really inspiring to me and I am amazed that you can do something like that in 2 hours. I have done one human character in my life. It was in max and I did it while I was in school. It took a month and a half and it didn't look any where near as good as your work. But in my defense the software wasn't then what is to day. At least that's what I'm telling my self . :) Any way great work. I always look forward to see your models.
Sebastian Beltramini replied
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All done with this now - Thanks to everyone who gave me critique and advice on it!
Due to the fact that it is a finished project I will just say that I like it alot. The second image is more clear in the meaning, as I just focused on the enchained giant in the first. Which begs the question: do you plan on making a little gif out of it?