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So I've really gotten into Blender and 3d modeling/animation. I find myself spending a lot of time after work and on my days off doing it... and its been TONS of fun!

The problem is my right mouse hand is getting really tired and sometimes sore. I'd hate to get any sort of injury and to not do what I find fun and productive (or take time off from work $$$).Β 

Does anyone have any tips or products they have for beginners who are spending a lot of time on this sort of stuff and may not know the pitfalls of injuries like professionals do? I'm just using a regular mouse.
yesΒ  buy an ergonomic mouse and your hand will thank youΒ 
Better yet get a trackball ball - you'll find the mouse always runs away from you on the desk forcing you to lean forward, putting strain on your neck and shoulders. The trackball should be at a comfortable level, because its static - it won't move away from you, meaning you'll be sitting in a more healthy way. (make sure its click pressure is light though, I got a logi-tech - but unfortunately it's way too tough on click pressure, forcing me back to my mouse >< But it was definitely better on my neck and shoulders (no more leaning forward slouching, while running away with the mouse)... So don't go by ratings alone like I did, but get to a shop to test it out first!

A trackball is vastly different from a regular mouse in that your thumb or entire hand and arm is used to manipulate the trackball. These are larger and less tender muscles that are less likely to get injured compared to the muscles required to manipulate a regular mouse
I really recommend you buy a graphic tablet and get used to using it daily. It is much more ergonomic.
I love my tablet for sculpting, but I cant grip the pens for so long because of my hands/fingers carpal tunnel... Variety definitely helps! But it's common for me to work over 72hrs a week so maybe not much will help but to chop and change tools... So I find I use track-ball/mouse for everything not related to sculpting.Β 
Sure :)
The click strength was an issue for me on this model I have MX Ergo... - but otherwise comfy on shoulders and neck - probably I need a different kind of trackball...since trackball really does help with that. https://www.logitech.com/en-ch/products/mice/mx-ergo-wireless-trackball-mouse.910-005179.html

Kensington Expert Mouse trackball
is the one I have my eyes on... but have yet to test, but bigger trackball driven by fingers not thumb, so more natural navigation IMO, The logi-tech took a while to get used to navigating with thumb :P Some tense moments!! heheh.... so this would I think also be better!Β  However I would miss the logi-tech scroll wheel that has a nice feel to it (nice for setting loops etc) apart from the pressure you need to click it was really great!... Depending on your hands + pre existing conditions maybe it's also a good fit?!Β  Not all RSI is the same thing everyone's hands posture and setup are different. We all do it in unique and special ways ! :P But for me the button click became a killer since its my middle finger tendon that's pretty much had it, she wants to leave the family for extended holiday in a warmer climate ;P

The Kensington....I need to see about button click strength... lets hope its better!
I feel like i'm the princess and the pea.... ;P

For a few years(7-8)Β  I did everrrrything with the tablet though, but I think it's unnatural to have hand clasped on pen 8-12 hrs day. Something has to give. Initially though I loved my tablet, and still do except for the discomfort. So I would recommend to vary the tools during the day to avoid my mistake.

I agree with the above! The intuos tablet by Wacom is a great relatively low cost tablet for sculpting! I do agree though that the tablet is difficult for anything else. For ergonomics I have and love the logitech mx master series! Super comfortable and Bluetooth!
Just got a XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics and ergonomic mouse! Not sure if the XP-PEN stuff is any good but it was priced well. Figured it would serve as a good learning product... can't wait to try using it!
Ikxi Β Woohoo thanks for the feedback! It had a $15 coupon on amazon which sold me haha
currysonic Β Yea products often have coupons. XP Pen still has a halloween sale until tomorrow I think. If you buy it on the official website the product has 18 instead of 12 months warranty. Dunno with huion exactly though.
Hi, I started using an ergonomic mouse some years ago after I started to feel some wired pain in my arm. It was gone immediately, used these mouses ever since and still loving it. Currently, I'm using this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZQ6RC11/

Same as for using a tablet, it takes a bit to get used to, but then it works just fine.
Doing breaks between your week will do a lot.
Not just when it starts hurting but already before that. So maybe every 1 hour take some minutes and relax your arms and wrist and fingers.

Also next to that, because you're looking at a monitor for very long, look out the window into the distance a bit so your eyes can also relax.
Yeah, agree but you can quickly forget about that, so having a little Leo to remind you about that can help: http://eyeleo.com/
(Great tool I use for quite some time now helping me in this regard) :)
Zacharias Reinhardt I just have a 30 minute timer on my phone.
I also have ADD (attention deficit disorder), so I can't concentrate for long. 30 minutes with 10 minute breaks is amazing though.
Ikxi Β I do something simular... it's an app called a Pomodoro technique... basically sais 25min work and 5 min break is the "optimized" way. Not sure how much of that I believe but the interval works really well for me!
Clippy for blender... That would be my personal nightmare hehehe
"It looks like you're trying to..."
ΰ² _ΰ² 

The Leo program actually works really well!

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